The Mastering Machine Shorthand Series Books

Mastering Machine Shorthand  - Book 1

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Multiword Briefs
Theory Briefs
Theory Reinforcement
Multisyllabic Words
Easy Practice Style

How to use the Pyramid Practice Form [ for Speed and Accuracy ]: 
The repetition provided by the Pyramid Form of the sentence will help reinforce the strokes, will help the briefs become cemented in your mind,  and reduce hesitation—all leading to increased speed and accuracy.
 Start at the first line and write the word without error After>.  Then move to the second line and write the words there, each word without error After pulling>.  Then move to the third line and write the words there, again, each word without error After pulling the>. 
 If you make an error—shadowing, misstroke, or any error—return to the very first line and start from the beginning.  Repeat this process until you can write the entire page without error from beginning to end.  Also write the last line, the full sentence, three times through without error to complete the page.

Click Here to Read Full Introduction and Instructions

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Great Multi-syllabic Practice!  Years of Great Reviews! Used by Teachers!

Credit Card Size!

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Accent Beat
Bouncing Ball
Over 200 speeds
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A Credit Card size metronome... will fit in your pocket or any machine case. Size: 2" x 3"x 1/4". A display screen displays the tempo, a black dot that swings from side to side with the beat, and a display that will display the accenting of the beats on 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4. Tempos can be chosen from 40 to 250 in one beat increments. The sound is a beep that can be turned off . The metronome is held upright with a stand that swings out from the back. Tempo markings are on the face. Battery (watch battery) is included, with an instruction sheet.