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Mastering Machine Shorthand Series

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Mastering Machine Shorthand - Book 1 - Questions:
Questions:  How old are the books?  What Theory does the book use?  What level of student - Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced?
All the books' copyrights are 2001 to 2006.  Mastering Machine Shorthand, Book 1, just finished its fourth edition in 2006.
            The third edition Mastering Machine Shorthand book contains briefs from multiple theories - StenEd, RSG, and Pheonix Theory are the three major ones.  As well as suggestions from working reporters, teachers, and other students -- collected over many years. 
            Many times when a brief is suggested there are 2 or 3 outlines to choose from (for the different theories).  It is not specifically a brief book, so the briefs are suggested uses, as explained in the Introduction.  The first edition only included 1 theory; this third edition has the extra theories added where applicable. 
            Proper Names and Finger Drills Plus contain no theory or briefs.
            As far as Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced, Finger Drills Plus actually has three sections labeled Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Proper Names has Single-syllable, Two-syllable, and Multisyllable sections - similar to Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Mastering Machine Shorthand has over 90 pages of material to practice...some pages simple, but most are Intermediate to Advanced strokes.  Teachers have read this book to their 160 goal and other classes.  It is Most helpful for Intermediate...and for Advanced or Qualifying students it is helpful to incorporate more of the briefs and to round out your practice routines.  For Beginners, there is a metronome suggestion in the Introduction that will tell you how to use the book at a slow pace and focus on accurate strokes, even with multisyllabic words.

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