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Finger Drills Plus / Proper Names - Book 4-5

Finger Drills Plus / Proper Names - Book 4-5

Finger Drills Plus/Proper Names
Double Book

Two Books in One - Bound back-to-back
Books 4&5 in the Mastering Machine Shorthand Series

A Unique Finger Drills Book

Unlike any of its kind!

Plus a Bonus Book:  Proper Names

Key Benefits

  • Improve Accuracy
  • Increase Speed
  • Familiarize yourself with common Phonetics
  • Build Dexterity


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Why "Plus"?

     Look at the picture to the bottom left.  The words on the bottom section follow the same finger pattern as the top section drills, adding only a vowels sound.  These words will reinforce the drill using complete words yet they follow the exact same finger drill pattern featured on that page!
     This lets you practice the Finger Drills in pattern form And in word form.  It is much easier to see a word and stroke it than to see T-B and stroke that!


I so very thankful for the wonderful little finger drill book. 
Thank you, it is just what I was praying for...honestly,
I knew I needed this exact format but had no idea where to go to find it. 
- Sheri H., California

PROPER NAMES, for the student and reporter, tend to create hesitations, especially when names are rattled off one after another. This book will help to introduce you to the different sound combinations as well as some of the foreign language phonics and accents.

Set forth in an Easy Practice Style, with
practice sentences, in varying
levels of difficulty:
One syllable - Easy
Two syllables - Medium
Three-plus syllables - Hard

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